SAWA Baobab Powder

The baobab tree is native to Africa and typically found in dry, hot sub-Saharan Africa. In Africa it’s known as the "Tree of Life" because all parts of the tree are used for food, drink and other necessary items. It’s thought the trees could live to be as old as 1,500 years.

Baobab is the only fruit in the world that dries on the branch, so it can be simply sieved into a 100% natural, organic powder that is free from preservatives or additives.


Baobab is one of the most nutrient-dense foods in the world. It is packed with potassium, iron, magnesium, calcium, zinc, manganese, phosphorus and B vitamins. Two teaspoons of Baobab contains 33% of the daily requirement of vitamin C. It has 50% fibre and the highest antioxidant content of any fruit. It is also low in fat, high in soluble and insoluble fiber, including pectin, and high in vitamin C, which contributes to:

  • Increase energy levels
  • Support immune health
  • Support Digestive Health
  • Improve general health

It’s versatile, tasty, and jam-packed with vitamin C and contains more antioxidants than any other whole fruit. It will keep you feeling fresh throughout the day. So why not integrate this delicious nutrient-dense super power into your diet?

How to use Baobab Powder: 

  • Sprinkle onto cooked eggs, fruits, yoghurt, salads and roasted vegetables 
  • Bake into bread, cake, brownies, muffins & cookies
  • Stir into soups, dips, sauces, casseroles, stews & omelettes
  • Shake into juices, coconut water & salad dressings
  • Blend into sauces, green juices, smoothies, ice creams & ice tea